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Subject: Feeling as u have wasted this Ramadhan?
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miirfan 16.07.15 - 03:45pm
Do you feel like you have wasted this Ramadan?

Well it is never too late to make amends!

The only time it is too late is when our soul reaches the throat at the time of death. Before that even if you were the biggest sinner on Earth and if you were to sincerely repent to Allah with full resolve and conviction to change your ways then you will find Allah most forgiving.

Now there are still 1 to 2 blessed days and nights left. These are the best days and nights of Ramadan so you have not lost out! Now is this time to pick yourself up and make a firm intention that you will make the best of the remaining 1 to 2 days and nights that are remaining.

Even if there was only an hour left of this month then it is never too late to make that one special intense Dua to Allah and it maybe that it will be enough to change our lives!

Therefore we must always think positively and not let the past get us down as it is the present moment that matters most! All we can do is learn from the past but we must never let the past affect our present!

Laylatul Qadr which is a night so powerful that it is better than over 83 years of worship could be in any of the remaining nights. Therefore worship every night from tonight with full conviction and resolve and you may well catch this blessed night and gain rewards that you could never imagine!

Increase in your worship and use the remaining days and nights to reflect over yourself and where you need to improve in terms of your characteristics and anything else you feel you need to improve. Use this worship plan to make the best of the remaining nights:

So do not feel down about what has passed. The most important thing is the present moment. There is still time left during these blessed nights and days to do so much good. Therefore make much Dua during the remaining days and nights and beg of Allah for his mercy and forgiveness and thank him and to ask of him for whatever you desire.

Make full intention right now ''I will do my utmost to make the best of the remaining nights and days of Ramadan to get closer to Allah and to improve myself as a person''.

So do not ever think it is too late because there is still time. It is now down to you to grab this opportunity as you may not be alive next year to see another Ramadan.

Now go grab those good deeds and get closer to Allah as he is giving you this valuable opportunity!!!

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