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Subject: im
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masood4u 20.11.14 - 02:30pm
im thin boy ppl not lik me how to react? how to fo gud relation wit thm *

masood4u 20.11.14 - 02:32pm
i do namaz but les fasting i feel stomach pain .some time vomit tel sme advices frnds *

masood4u 20.11.14 - 02:33pm
wen sum relativ who not gud who need hlp i fight wit parents he/she nt gud , is gud to aware parents? *

masood4u 20.11.14 - 02:35pm
im on awarenes campagin save muslim culture avoid grls inter caste mariage join me in facebuk *

masood4u 20.11.14 - 02:36pm
pls giv ur advices *

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