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Subject: Hifz-Ul-Quran
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miirfan 1.02.14 - 05:59pm

1. Definition
Hafiz-ul Quran is the person who is haamil, aamil, and kaamil of Allahs words.
2. Before Hifz
- Ikhlas (proper intentions)
- Must have correct makhraj/tajweed (must read well)
- Better if one is fluent with the reading (easily reads any page)
- Test self for a period of time (see if you have the ability)
- Practice/develop ablility
3. Misconceptions
- You do not have to know Arabic to memorize
- Age/Gender is not an issue
- Every Muslim must live the Quran (not just a hafiz)
- Everyones ability/capacity is different
- The Quran has been made easy to remember (54: 17)
- Its not you; its Allah (Everything is but within His Will)
4. Methods/Types/System of Memorization
- May differ from country/tradition/teacher
- Memorize pages from last juz to first or first juz to last methods
- Indian, Egyptian, Turkish, Mauritanian, Malayetc. ways
5. Memorization tips
- Ask Allah to make it easy for you(du'a is gold)
- Use 1 same copy of Quran (is best) and always handle with wudhu, respect and love.
- Study with a clock (time is silver; keep track of it while working on page)
- Memorize firmly (make it the best you can)
- Study in a volume enough for yourself to hear (ear helps in memorizing)
- Dont sway back and forth, though is very tempting (its actually against the sunnah)
- Do not speed (*try* to read with tarteel; the slower the stronger)
- Dont ask someone if a page is hard/easy (psyche: it is easy)
- Read page before memorizing it (at least 8 times, will make easier)
- If you do not know meaning read translation before/after memorizing (depends if it makes it easier for you or more confusing)
- Ask others on how they memorize (to develop your own method)
- You usually develop your own scheme by time (which ever works best for you)
- Always let someone listen to you (before the teacher finally does!) esp. with memorization of new pages
- Audio cass./CD/recordings may help (listen to it before memorizing)
- Time of day (morning/suhoor when mind is fresh is best)
- Your ability expands (inshaAllah) as you memorize.
6. While doing hifz
- Patience, patience, patience
- Tawakkul in Allah (also remember it is a matter of naseeb)
- Follow the sunnah (hygiene esp. teeth, noon fiesta, tahajjud would be greatetc)
- Eat halal & do halal (Allah makes it easier)
- Concentration (keep away from distractions & thoughts esp. those from Shaytaan)
- Use time wisely (Dont waste it)
- Ask for du'as (from everyone; your mom, dad, teacher...)
- Make dua for others who are doing hifz ( *

akramwap 2.02.14 - 08:53pm
masha Allah , nice topic bro miiRfan *

datchic 17.02.14 - 01:58pm
Yep dat is true.....mashallah !! *

masood4u 16.03.14 - 12:49pm
mashaallah *

sheymah 7.06.14 - 12:01pm
BarakaAllah fiikum *

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