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Subject: * WaSaLaAm *
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arab_grl 7.05.12 - 12:58pm
Assalamu alaikum!

- I hope everyone understands my decison...

- Since lately prodigits admins seems to not care anymore about their users fitnah and images uploaded by certain users, I cant't allow myself to stay on this website. I will permentely delete my account!

- If you notice, only few are involved in the Islamic Groups, Most of them are involved with s*xual and fitna groups.

- Therefore, I will also be deleting this group.. I feel, if they don't wana be a true muslim or if they dont't care that their doing haram and clearly they won't listen, Then let them take theirself to torture and hellfire. Its their choice.

- My heart feels Islamically it isnt correct for me to stay on here, it feels shameful to be here.

* I'm sorry if any are hurt by my words or group deletion. May Allah SWT bless you! blossom.GIF

- wasalam- *

arab_grl 7.05.12 - 01:11pm
If any has any suggestions, I will gladly listen.. *

akramwap 3.08.12 - 04:26am
i think i am agains deleting this group (we can never get like this group in here ) its the frist Islamic group which has a bigest number of users, good ppl r there, good daaees. good Muslims ,good debates nd debaters , good topics , special topics ,and dawah programs . May Allah reward them all, so losing such group will be a great mistake in my view ! *

akramwap 3.08.12 - 04:30am
and sis , Wallah i appreciate that you are Jealous for ur religion,ppl like you are fiew. May Allah give you good and long happy life . *

amilo09 28.08.12 - 04:16pm
As salaam alaykum,pliz dont delete the group. You have done your part jazakallah n the rest is 4our ownself 2 decide. *

shanmawnai 18.10.13 - 08:06pm
dear sis assalamu alekum. I appreciate the fact that u r so pure n so near to Allah dat he will surely shower his blessings upon you n take you to jinnah. I have recently converted to Islam n also tryin my level best to walk on the path of deen. There are lot of things dat m still not aware of n need a lot of guidance. is there ny way u cn help me wit. *

khaira_m 21.10.13 - 04:24pm
oh my ukhti i really miss u *

tunisi22 22.10.13 - 04:43pm
jazaki allah khayran *

aquagal1 7.08.14 - 03:44pm
Asalam o alaikum warehamt Allahe wabarakatohu sis.... I am missing u so much... There is lots of things that is I wanna share and ask to u..... Hope u will be come back soon.... :( may Allah taa'la always bless u and ur family love u ahlam.... Allahhafiz.... Fi amaniallah *

sayarohimkholasin 18.11.14 - 12:22am
is there niqab girl that love me coz of Allah SWT? Im from Indonesia. Im thin, my pic isnt looks like with the real. *

sulaimanhamisualhass 23.12.19 - 08:07am
barakallah *

ummati 24.09.22 - 09:03am
As salaamu alaikum *

mohsin11 1.11.22 - 07:40pm
Wa alaikum salaam *

warded 1.11.22 - 09:44pm
read.GIF *

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