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Subject: Closeness to Allah.!!
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miirfan 20.03.12 - 09:25pm
It should be the desire of every Muslim to draw nearer and closer to Almighty Allah the most compassionate and the most merciful. By drawing closer and near to Allah we gain his help in every aspect of our lives in this world and to be merciful to us so that we may gain mercy in the hereafter in order to enter Jannah in the next world.
When we call upon him he would answer our calls and when we ask of him for anything he would give it to us and when we draw nearer to him then our sincerity and intentions will enable us to become closer to him.

So we should strive to draw nearer to Allah, the Glorified the Exalted, who is the majesty of honour and generosity and the giver of peace, the most high and the most honoured.

So what can we do to draw closer to him?

Insha-allah here we shall write down or draw the steps which makes us closer to our Almighty Allah *

arab_grl 20.03.12 - 10:23pm
Masha'Allah!!! HURRAY.GIF *

aijaz0 21.03.12 - 02:38am
Nice topic, and i hope that you will write down or draw the steps which makes us closer to our Almighty Allah...waiting.GIF *

arab_grl 21.03.12 - 09:52am
I think we should do it togther..
brother Miirfan wrote the steps WE should write down. lol *

arab_grl 21.03.12 - 09:54am
I think, dkhir Allah is a great way and making supplications, even the smallest things we can do at any momenst such as if u r walking or sitting or even in ur head you can make great habbits by saying things like, SubhanAllah wa bihamdihi or SubhanAllah or such things! Its great! happy.GIF *

arab_grl 21.03.12 - 09:56am
One awesome things muslims can and should do is recite ayah ul kursi after every salat! it has so much benefits upon you!
And definetly draws you near to Allah Ta ala *

miirfan 22.03.12 - 02:15am
Masha-allah sis . . Of-course i made dis topic for all of us and everyone is free to draw d steps which makes us closer to Allah rabbul kareem and makes it a NONSTOP topic

Fulfilling obligatory duties and abstaining from prohibited matters :

The Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) has guided us. And Allah, the Glorified and the Exalted, has guided us how to draw near to Him.
As He said According to Hadith Qudsi: Whoever draws near to Me among those drawn near by fulfilling what I have made obligatory on them. You do not draw near to Allah except by fulfilling the obligatory duties which Allah has made obligatory on you; (that is) the obligatory duties from the obligatory duties (Faraid) such as Prayers, and Zakat (obligatory charity), and Hajj, and Fasting and being good to Parents and all these obligatory duties on you draw you near to Allah, the Glorified and the Exalted.The faraid (obligatory duties) are the first things that draw you near to Allah. You do not reach the door of nearness nor do you reach to the presence of nearness except by fulfilling the obligatory duties. This is the main thing that draws you near to Allah, the Glorified and the Exalted, and you are in His Presence.

So the first thing we need to do is fulfil ALL of our obligatory duties and abstain from that which Allah and his messenger have forbidden us from. *

arab_grl 22.03.12 - 09:53am
Masha'allah and jazakallahu khair for sharing with us! *

miirfan 23.03.12 - 04:56am
Thnx for compliments aijaz, hope u enjoin wit us to draw it *

miirfan 23.03.12 - 04:59am
Nawafil prayers (superogatory prayers)
Allah says in Hadith Qudsi:
.and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing Nawafil (voluntary deeds) until I love him, so I become his sense of hearing with which he hears, and his sense of sight with which he sees, and his hand with which he grips, and his leg with which he walks,,; and if he asks Me, I will give him, and if he asks My Protection, I will protect him...'' [Bukhari] *

miirfan 23.03.12 - 06:12am
A Source of Elevation for you

The Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said: ''Ask (anything).''
Rabi'ah said: ''I ask of you to be your companion in paradise.''
The Prophet said: ''Anything else?''
Rabi'ah said: ''That is it.''
The Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said to him: ''Then help me by making many prostrations (i.e., supererogatory prayers).'' [Muslim] *

arab_grl 23.03.12 - 11:02am
Masha'Allah *

akramwap 23.03.12 - 11:50am
masha Allah bro. *

aijaz0 24.03.12 - 09:40am
and keep it in mind that life of Belief is love.love2.GIF O yes, love for Allah and His Messenger. If we are granted with love, Belief is easy, all the deeds are easy. If no love, there is all danger, all poison and all darkness. *

aijaz0 24.03.12 - 09:41am
Because, It is said about accursed Satan that he had great knowledge. He did great deeds in abundance but was deprived of Love which made him valuless. *

aijaz0 24.03.12 - 09:42am
The lover doesn't care whether he is blessed with misery or comfort, is given his dear command or the difficult one. His only object is to please his beloved. *

aijaz0 24.03.12 - 09:43am
see! Hazrat Sa'd bin Rabi' is lying exhausted with wounds in the plain of Uhud! There were so deep injuries, that if there had been so-called love, it would have changed into cry.GIF cries, complaints and misgivings. But there was true love and true lover. He was asking How is the Holy Prophet? *

aijaz0 24.03.12 - 09:44am
......Oh Ansar, how will you go to face Allah, if the Holy prophet z wounded and you remain alive! These were the last words when he breathed his last. *

aijaz0 24.03.12 - 09:46am
Think a little please, and all i am saying that there z noo.GIF belief without love2.GIF love for Hazrat Muhammad and there must be such love as may be dearer than love for ones children and life. *

aijaz0 24.03.12 - 09:50am
And let me tell you all here the event about shibli and i hope you people will understand the realty of love, once Hazrat Shibli who was spiritual Guide of Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi was overwhelmed with mad love for Allah. Some people went to see him. He said, Who are you? The answer came, We are your lovers. *

aijaz0 24.03.12 - 09:51am
...Shibli picked up pieces of stone and began to throw at them. All of them dispersed. He said, If you had been my lovers, you would not have fled due to torturing by me. *

aijaz0 24.03.12 - 09:59am
Lover is the person that whatever type of answer he receives from his beloved, all is dear to him. There is all enjoyment for him the beloved whether mildness or severity. *

arab_grl 24.03.12 - 11:04am
Mashaallah thanx bro for writting this *

arab_grl 24.03.12 - 11:05am
May Allah swt bless you all *

miirfan 25.03.12 - 02:54am
Masha-allah, v.nice bro aijaz.. . *

aijaz0 25.03.12 - 03:25am
Jazak'Allahukhair for you all,my brotherz and sisterz, it is easy to write and say all this but not easy to gain love2.GIF love, undergo love, fulfil the demands of love and journey from love to belovedness. O Allah, be kind to us! Bless us all pray.GIF with true love of your beloved prophet mohammad s.a.w and loyalty to him! *

arab_grl 25.03.12 - 11:17am
Aameen! *

aijaz0 25.03.12 - 05:01pm
Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah's Apostle said, Whoever obeys me, obeys Allah, and whoever disobeys me, disobeys Allah, and whoever obeys the ruler I appoint, obeys me, and whoever disobeys him, disobeys me.
Sahih Bukhari *

miirfan 26.03.12 - 04:16am
Way of Devotion and Worship:
This is a way to come to closer to Allah. People close to Allah are those who are most devoted to Allah. They love Allah more than any one and anything. Worship is a very important way of coming closer to Allah.
Allah says:
Nay, heed him not: but bow down in adoration, and bring thyself the closer (to Allah)! (Surah Al Alaq 96 - Verse 19)

In a Hadith the Prophet (PBUH) said:
'' servant does not come closer to Me with anything more dear to Me than that which I made obligatory upon him. My servant keeps coming closer to Me with more volunteer deeds, until I love him. When I love him, I become His ear by which he hears, his eyes by which he sees, his hand by which he holds and his foot by which he walks. If he asks Me any thing I shall give him. If he seeks My protection I shall grant him My protection '' (Al-Bukhari 6021) *

arab_grl 26.03.12 - 11:10am
oh nice, Masha'Allah!!
May Allah swt bless both of you, infact... may Allah swt bless everyone on this group for all ur efforts of dawah! *

miirfan 1.04.12 - 01:22pm
Love of Allah For His Beloved Servants:
Quran states: No doubt! Verily, the Awliyaa of Allaah, nor fear shall be upon them nor shall they grieve[Yoonus 10:62]
..So Allah gives 'Awliya' d glad tiding in this world itself..

Surah Fatiha itself states: Guide us on the path of those ''WHOM YOU HAVE FAVOURED'' [1:7]
So Quran directly asks us to follow the path of Ambiya, Awliya, Sadiqeen, Saliheen and Shuhuda.. *

miirfan 1.04.12 - 01:23pm
Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, ''Allah said'' I WILL DECLARE WAR AGAINST HIM WHO SHOWS HOSTILITY TO A PIOUS WORSHIPPER OF MINE (WALI ULLAH)''. And the most beloved things with which My slave comes nearer to Me is what I have enjoined upon him,, and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing Nawafil (praying or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory)till I love him, so I become his sense of hearing with which he hears, and his sense of sight with which he sees, and his hand with which he grips, and his leg with which he walks,, and if he asks Me, I will give him,and if he asks My protection (Refuge), I will protect him,, (i.e. give him My Refuge) and I do not hesitate to do anything as I hesitate to take the soul of the believer, for he hates death, and I hate to disappoint him'' (Sahih Bukhari Hadith al Qudsi).

So those who keep Bughz for Awliya Allah are actually in state of war with Allah azza Wajjal *

miirfan 1.04.12 - 01:27pm

Narrated Abu Huraira:The Prophet(Peace be Upon Him) said, ''If Allah loves a person, He calls Gabriel a.s saying: 'Allah loves so and so,, O Gabriel, love him.' Gabriel would love him, and then Gabriel would make an announcement among the residents of the Heaven, 'Allah loves so-and-so, therefore, you should love him also'. So, all the residents of the Heavens would love him and then he is granted the pleasure of the people of the earth.''
[Sahih Bukhari ] *

safi..r 1.04.12 - 02:41pm

arab_grl 2.04.12 - 11:08am
Masha'Allah brother Miirfan! May Allah swt bless you and reward you. *

aijaz0 2.04.12 - 02:43pm
Irfan all i am saying that first comes love for prophet Mohmmad (pbuh) because i saw many people saying that immense love for our beloved Prophet (s.a.w) is equivalent to shirk. In spite of the fact that lovers of Prophet (Pbuh) consider him to be an Abd (Slave) of Allah and they have no intentions of comparing the Prophet (Pbuh) to Allah azza Wajjal (Naudhobillah), the comparison only comes due to ill thinkings thinking2.GIF *

aijaz0 2.04.12 - 02:46pm
And we should never the foget the hadith that was narated By 'Abdullah bin Hisham, he said We were with the Prophet and he was holding the hand of 'Umar bin Al-Khattab. 'Umar said to Him, O Allah's Apostle! You are dearer to me than everything except my own self. The Prophet said, No, by Him in Whose Hand my soul is, (you will not have complete faith) till I am dearer to you than your own self. Then 'Umar said to him,However, now, by Allah, you are dearer to me than my own self. The Prophet said, Now, O 'Umar, (now you are a believer). *

aijaz0 2.04.12 - 02:51pm
iagree.GIF what you said, but my point is how much you do dikr,salah,zakat,good deeds etc etc etc all is useless untill and unless there is immense love for prophet Mohammad (s.a.w)... *

arab_grl 2.04.12 - 02:58pm
Brother Aijaz.. what do you mean when you say FIRST the love of the Prophet SAAW should come first??
Allah swt is first.. Allah swt is always first. PLease clearify what you mean? *

arab_grl 2.04.12 - 02:59pm
and when we do dikr,salah,zakat it should be for the sake of Allah swt.. cuz Allah swt is our Master and Lord. Muhammad saaw is His messenger. If we do dikr,salah,zakat it should be for Allah swt. *

safi..r 2.04.12 - 03:06pm

arab_grl 2.04.12 - 03:06pm
As muslims, we love Muhammad SAAW very very muc and its important we should follow sunnah path and His teachings and send blessings onto him, but Allah swt is our Master and our Lord. and Muhammad SAAW is His messnger. *

aijaz0 2.04.12 - 03:09pm
lol.GIF whatever @safi..r , did you really read my comments thoroughly and tell me where i said wrong. *

aijaz0 2.04.12 - 03:27pm
arab_grl 25 minutes ago
Brother Aijaz.. what do you mean when you say FIRST the love of theProphet SAAW should come first??
Allah swt is first.. Allah swt is always first. PLease clearify what you mean?/// what i mean that untill there is love for prophet mohammad (s.a.w) in your heart, your every kind of good deeds will be accepted by Almighty Allah and vice versa... *

arab_grl 2.04.12 - 03:42pm
We all love Muhammad SAAW. He is seal of Prophets (pbut) and he is the messenger of Allah swt. ofourse we love him in out hearts! But all praises are to Allah swt. *

safi..r 2.04.12 - 03:47pm

safi..r 2.04.12 - 03:50pm

miirfan 2.04.12 - 06:41pm
Thnx br sfi and sis arabgrl for appreciating it. *

miirfan 2.04.12 - 06:56pm
Agree.GIF@bro aijaz0.
And bro aijaz, i think, merely dis diff is only due to interpretation/abelity of understanding. What i mean is actually der no diff with it among ummah, in d concept of d hadith u quoted. *

miirfan 2.04.12 - 07:21pm
And thnx for ur commencehug.GIFaijaz *

miirfan 2.04.12 - 08:43pm
Sis arab-grl, bro aijaz had commented on 'Love of Allah For His Beloved S E R V A N T S'. *

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