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Star AllahuAkbar
Glory to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala

Group Founder: mohsin11
Description: Islam is best gift 4 all mankind!! Join us& unite our ummah!!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 982
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Islam

Topics (1700)

go * WaSaLaAm * (13) arab_grl
Assalamu alaikum!- I hope everyone understands my decison...- Since lately prodigits admins seems to not care anymore about their users fitnah and images uploaded by certain users, I cant't allow my...

go A Sermon from the Dying to the Living (0) miirfan
A Sermon from the Dying to the LivingThere once lived in Basrah a prolific and profoundly spiritual worshipper whose fear of the Hereafter caused him to become physically weak, and whose constant c...

go Feeling as u have wasted this Ramadhan? (0) miirfan
Do you feel like you have wasted this Ramadan?Well it is never too late to make amends! The only time it is too late is when our soul reaches the throat at the time of death. Before that even if you w...

go im (4) masood4u
im thin boy ppl not lik me how to react? how to fo gud relation wit thm

go niqab (0) sayarohimkholasin
im wonder with government that ban niqab in their country. Hijab is an obligation for every woman. Didnt they think it?

go Unlimited Web Hosting and Band Width (2) m.raza
Hi! I have found a new unlimited web hosting site which also provide us unlimited band width as well as two email.It also provide us different free scripts.I hope you'll enjoy that Web hosting site.Li...

go Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad! (PBUH) (0) miirfan
Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad! (Peace be upon him)Popularity today is measured by the number of hits a personality gets.YouTube clips by the number of views, Facebook/Twitter by the number of followers...

go Friday (0) datchic
Assalamu aleikum wa rahma tul -allahi wabarakatuh .....todei being friday ,i would lyk to wish u ol*jumaa'h mubarak en may allah blessng b wid u....rem to make dua fr our fellow muslim *jumaahkareem*...

go Hifz-Ul-Quran (4) miirfan
HIFZ-UL QUR'ANOverview1. DefinitionHafiz-ul Quran is the person who is haamil, aamil, and kaamil of Allahs words.2. Before Hifz- Ikhlas (proper intentions)- Must have correct makhraj/tajweed (must rea...

go Destroying mosques and graves (12) irz
What is it opinion on the destruction of musjids and grave in Libya? How can people dig up and dump the bodies of auliya who brought islam into libya? Allah swt azaab will surely come on those who dis...

go help a muslim (0) ragib102
i am in a big problem,i dont knw how to delete a poll and i have upload 2 things aganist america!please anyone tell me how to delete a poll??

go allahuakbar (2) rg1
allah is great

go Closeness to Allah.!! [92] miirfan
It should be the desire of every Muslim to draw nearer and closer to Almighty Allah the most compassionate and the most merciful. By drawing closer and near to Allah we gain his help in every aspect o...

go ramathan (6) shadia7
As Allah commanded us to fast so wen z ramadhan? o hw many weeks to ramadhan

go SURATU NASS (0) yoy


Photos (433)

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Files (100)

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3 As.salam.0.alaikum
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5 I l0ve Islam
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14 Tulip Garden- Kashmir
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Polls (19)

go Can you persuade an atheists that there is a God ??
go The murder of USAMA_BIN_LADIN is
go Do you guys celebrate b'days ?
go Do u think Ahmadies (Qdianese)aginst Islam?
go Do u think that USA will be defeated in Afghanistan very soon
go Qiyamah is near, r u ready?
go Do u think The new president Barak Obama, will make a drastic change 4 United States 4 the better?
go What should be the background color of this group?
go Are you a television addict?
go Do you read 5 daily salaah?
go Would u want ur future husband inshAllah 2 wear some sort of head scarf?
go Would u prefer your future wife inshAllah 2 wear niqab or face covering?
go Do u think all Muslim females should wear niqab or face covering?
go As a Muslim, do you prefer modern or Traditional clothing? When i say modern, i mean, still wearing hijab, but rest of clothing still covered but modern.


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